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Slides with Audio for The Dawning of the Age Of Experience

Jared Spool

November 28th, 2007’s Slidecast technology is pretty slick.

With very little effort, I easily added the soundtrack to the slides I’d uploaded earlier:

Kudos to Rashmi, Jon, and the folks at Slideshare.

Thanks to Andy Budd at d.Construct 2007 for letting me use the audio.

[Note: the slides don’t completely match the audio, as I had to trim three slides due to time constraints when presenting.]

5 Responses to “Slides with Audio for The Dawning of the Age Of Experience

  1. Danny Says:

    I loved the show.

    As informative as ever.
    Jared, u r a voice in the dark 🙂

    Another thing about the FEMA page is that the first thing a user gets is – DISASTER, something to think about…


  2. sylvanx Says:

    Finally, audio & slides joined! Just makes it so much easier…

  3. Thomas Says:

    Great presentation!

    Though funny, comparing designers with those chicken sexing experts is a bit too sensational. Designers have education and experience ;-)…


  4. Ruairi Galavan Says:

    whos says chicken sexers arent educated?

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