Wanted: Amazing Top-Quality Event Manager

Jared Spool

January 6th, 2008

You’re probably aware of this, but I’ll say it anyways. Among the many things she does as Managing Director of UIE, Christine Perfetti has done a wonderful job of managing UIE’s conferences and events for the last few years. She’s produced what have become best-of-class events that others frequently use as an example of how conferences should be run.

Now, I’ve asked Christine to work on a new project for UIE because it really needs her talents. I can’t say any more about it, except that it is going to be cool.

That means we need an amazing, top-quality event manager to continue the great work Christine started. This new person needs to be extremely organized, have great people skills, and like to travel, as we’re expanding our programs to Europe and Canada in 2008. (Asia and Australia are also in our sights.)

Oh, yeah, that favor: I’m hoping you know someone who would make a great addition to our staff. As you know, we shoot for hiring only top-caliber folks, which is why I thought of asking you. I’m betting there may be someone in your circle who would be great addition to the team.

We’ve written up a job ad. If you know someone who you think we should talk to, please let me know right away.

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