UIEtips article: Hijax — Progressive Enhancements with Ajax

Jared Spool

June 17th, 2008

If you’re considering using Ajax in your design, you need to consider what happens when JavaScript is not available. This can happen when the user has disabled it in their browser. It can also come about when the user needs some types of assistive devices, such as a screen reader.

JavaScript is an essential component of Ajax, so when it’s missing, it’s a big deal. Does that mean that you can’t use Ajax in your design if there’s a possibility some of your users may not have this necessary capability?

To answer this question, we’ve turned to Jeremy Keith. Jeremy has written *the* book on designing with Ajax (appropriately called “Bulletproof Ajax”). In today’s issue of our email newsletter, UIEtips, Jeremy has shared his strategy for creating applications with Ajax that do the right thing when JavaScript isn’t available. He calls his strategy, Hijax.

Read Jeremy’s article, Hijax: Progressive Enhancement with Ajax

Jeremy will be sharing the details of Hijax and other techniques for creating successful applications using Ajax in his full-day seminar, Bulletproof Ajax: Designing Interactive and Usable Ajax Solutions, at the User Interface 13 Conference in this coming October. If you enjoy Jeremy’s article, you’re really going to enjoy his seminar.

Have you developed a strategy to deal with creating successful applications when working with browsers and assistive devices that don’t have JavaScript enabled? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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