SpoolCast: Usability Guerilla Techniques with Dana Chisnell

Jared Spool

June 24th, 2008

SpoolCast: Usability Guerilla Techniques — An Interview with Dana Chisnell
Recorded: June 7th, 2008.
Brian Christiansen, UIE Podcast Producer
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This week, I had the great honor of speaking with Dana Chisnell, noted usability expert and principal at Usability Works, a consultancy based in San Francisco. Dana is also the co-author of the recently-released second edition of the Handbook of Usability Testing—a book so fine that I was thrilled when they asked me to write the foreword.

In this interview, I asked Dana what makes the best user researchers better than the pack. Dana suggested that great user researchers dig deeper into who the users are. They don’t just stop after watching novices interact with the design for the first time. Instead, they look to constantly learn about the full range of people who use the design.

Also, the top user researchers look beyond the use of functionality to the entire experience. Dana shared how Enterprise Rent-a-Car spends a lot of time and energy thinking about every interaction they have with their customers. They stand around in their retail outlets and watch individuals getting their cars and turning the cars in, looking at how the experiences fit together.

Dana had a lot more to say about what makes the best stand above the rest. You’ll want to listen to the rest of the podcast to hear her thoughts on the subject of excellence in user research.

[For even more insight, you’ll want to attend Dana’s full-day seminar, Usability Testing Guerilla Techniques: Collecting User Data on a Shoestring, at our User Interface 13 conference that will take place this October 13-16, 2008 in historic Cambridge, Massachusetts.]

We look forward to your questions and thoughts on this podcast. How are you integrating usability testing into your organization? Let us know what you think in the comments!

2 Responses to “SpoolCast: Usability Guerilla Techniques with Dana Chisnell”

  1. Daniel Szuc Says:

    Enjoyable listening and enjoyed the “strategic view” of UX and User Research.

  2. Viral Notebook | Michael M. Grant, Ph.D. Says:

    […] I came across a podcast interview by Jared Spool with author and usability expert Dana Chisnel, Spoolcast: Usability Guerilla Techniques (ignore the introductory music and such, the interview begins at about 2:00). She shares two […]

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