Testing Your Critiquing Skills: ‘Get Ready’ Preview

Jared Spool

September 18th, 2008

In next week’s UIE Virtual Seminar, Testing Your Critiquing Skills, you’ll get to compare your critiques of our selected sites against my critiques. We’ll see if you found the same things I found and we’ll look at your style and technique for critiquing. To help you prepare, I’ve created this little preview.

[If you haven’t signed up for the UIE Virtual Seminar on September 24, there’s still room. Sign up today.]

In the preview, I share the four sites we’ll look at in the seminar. Watch the seminar and pick the sites you want to critique. (You’ll want to plan to spend between 15 to 30 minutes exploring each site, then another 15 minutes writing up your thoughts on them. So, if you only have 45 minutes, just pick one site. If you can spare more time, choose accordingly.)

The four sites we’ll look at are:

In the preview, I explain what we’ll be critiquing on each site. Doing your own critique is optional, but it’s the best way to get the most out of the seminar. If you’re watching the seminar with your colleagues, there are two approaches: you could each critique a different site, so that you get coverage. Or you can each critique the same site and compare amongst yourselves.

See you at the seminar next week. It’s going to be fun!

2 Responses to “Testing Your Critiquing Skills: ‘Get Ready’ Preview”

  1. nortypig » Blog Archive » Testing Your Critiquing Skills Says:

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  2. Livia Labate Says:

    Man, was that fun! I told myself I’d do it for 20 minutes and 50 went by. http://is.gd/2S6i It’s interesting though, that even while trying to just critique objectively looking at the current site, most of the things I was thinking of were questions – about what people do today on these sites and what they might have expressed interest in/frustration with.

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