Manager-Tools: Sharing Your References

Jared Spool

September 27th, 2008

From a user experience professional perspective, the current economy has a weird convergence happening:

  • Because of the economic downturn (due to the rising fuel costs and mortgage market crisis), some companies are laying off and some are disappearing outright.
  • Because executives understand the competitive value of creating great experiences, user experience professionals are in great demand.

This convergence means you should have your resume and references up to date. Even if you’re likely only to change jobs within your current organization, having these prepared can make the difference between having a choice and missing an opportunity.

As a hiring manager, I often find people don’t really know how to prepare their references well. This podcast, from the fine folks at Manager Tools, does a great job of explaining how to recruit, prepare, and share your references. It should be a must for anyone who thinks they’d like to grow into a new job, either in the near or far future.

The podcast blurb:

This cast tells you how to handle requests for your references when engaged in a job search.

Even though “References Available Upon Request” is no longer a good idea, reference CHECKING is on the rise and will only increase in the coming years. It seems like since resumes don’t include the age-old line — the why of which we’ll share — somehow far too many job seekers are caught off-guard by reference requests. Ahh, Horstman’s Christmas Rule!

We’ll tell you how to manage and share your references in this cast. And hey, if you’re maintaining your network, this one is EASY!

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