MyCokeRewards Delivers Unrewarding Mobile Experience

Jared Spool

October 4th, 2008

You may have seen the red caps on coke bottles.

My Coke Rewards Bottle Caps

If you looked closely, the caps instruct you to log into and enter the number printed on the inside of the cap. Doing so will accrue points that you can exchange for wonderful goodies.

Going to the site yields this screen: in FireFox

Unless you’re on a mobile device, like an iPhone: from an iPhone

Now, what are the odds that people drinking coke would be closer to their phone than their PC? Probably pretty good.

A great example of how the designers haven’t taken the user’s context into account.

7 Responses to “MyCokeRewards Delivers Unrewarding Mobile Experience”

  1. robdew Says:

    This is just barely scratching the surface. If you end up actually using the flash app (I do – I drink a lot of soda) to get rewards it’s a usability hell.

    The whole UI is dog slow. You will spend most of your time watching windows flip around, fade in fade out. It’s the most overanimated site I’ve ever seen.

    You will be bombarded with a worthless survey every time you login.

    Be careful what you click on, you made get the sound of a screaming crowd in some commercial.

    You are only allowed to enter 10 codes per day. You are only told this AFTER you enter the 10th code *correctly*. There is no counter, no warning on the 9th code. Woe is the person who accumulated a huge mass of caps and codes and expects to enter them infrequently.

    This is really the one that does it for me: after you enter a code, you are asked which product it came from. Seriously? Coke doesn’t know what codes came from what products? For this stupid design choice, I always tell them I drink leaded Vanilla Coke, all the time, even though I never had and never would.

    There are phantom controls that work before you login, but don’t really work.

    Say you have 1000 points and you want to get a bunch of $1 off coupons. You can imagine how it might work given the rest of the site design — Locate the reward, click redeem, redirected to 3rd party fulfiller with broken scripts that won’t display the coupon for you to print. Select “mail me a coupon”, re-enter your mailing address, click send. That’s for ONE coupon, about 30 points out of your 1000.

    And of course if you redeem 10 coupons at the same time, they come in a stack of 10 individually mailed envelopes.

    In the end, it’s pretty clear the site got no user testing, and is mainly designed to PREVENT people from redeeming points.

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  3. Brian Christiansen Says:

    “Note: our site is best viewed when you have Flash”

    That’s what the error reads. It should read, “Note: You cannot use this site unless you have/enable Flash.”

    Makes me think of mail-in rebates. Most people don’t mail them in, and the companies wind up paying out very little. If you don’t have/use Flash, then they don’t have to give you your reward.

  4. Janice Says:

    What about all the useless caps you accumulate that say “this code was not entered correctly” because they are too light or printed screwy, so they won’t accept them. I have about 20 lids that won’t work. Does anyone have a physical address to coke so we can send them in for credit?

  5. Robert Says:

    They have a TXT interface they want mobile users to use. Yah, I don’t like it either 🙁

  6. Rob Says:

    There is know a MyCokeRewards App for the iPhone. Not done by Coke.

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