Life w/o Javascript: A look at Nokia vs. SonyEricsson

Jared Spool

October 5th, 2008

Have you looked at your site with Javascript disabled?

Robert Nyman does just that with the Nokia and SonyEricsson UK sites and finds some surprising results. It’s quite a good write up.

Very much worth a read followed by the obvious next step: checking your own site out the same way.

[Hat tip to NortyPig]

3 Responses to “Life w/o Javascript: A look at Nokia vs. SonyEricsson”

  1. Char James-Tanny Says:

    We were out today (tickets at the North Shore Music Theatre) and needed to stop so that Jim could get a sleeping bag and/or tent. So I went to Google to find the website for Dick’s Sporting Goods so that I could find out how late they were open.

    This is one site that needs some help. To stick to today’s theme, the first message I got was that a script was taking too long to load and did I want to abort. I did. I’m not sure what functionality I lost. (The site was so hard to use that I’m not sure it mattered.)

    But if you ever need a site for your usability studies, I suggest that one, epecially by folks using mobile devices.

  2. Steven Clark Says:

    Or, if you try Arts Tasmania, a state government Flash site here…

    IMO our local State Gov’t posterchild for a bad experience, too.


    Steven Clark (aka Nortypig links blog)

  3. Jared Spool Says:

    @Char: Sites like amazon, facebook, and flickr have shown it’s not impossible to create compelling, useful mobile web sites. It’s probably just going to take a while for less tech-savvy businesses to realize the value in doing so.

    @Steven: Thanks for the link to the Arts Tasmania site. That’s awesome (and will likely end up in one of my presentations in the future).

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