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UIEtips Articles: Best Articles and Podcasts of 2008

Jared Spool

December 29th, 2008

To wrap up this year, we’re revisting some of our best articles and podcast from 2008.

Out of the 29 articles that we published this year, we’ve decided on five that we think had the most impact and really got people thinking. Even if some readers didn’t agree with our conclusions, it started a discussion and brought awareness to some important user experience issues. You can access the top 5 in the article Top Articles of 2008.

We also produced some outstanding podcasts covering a range of topics with several invited experts. We’ve selected our favorite podcasts that we feel strongly benefits anyone who works in the web design world. They’re loaded with some great take-aways. In the December 29 article, Top Podcasts of 2008, we’ve outlined what each podcast is about and a link to access them.

So, join us as we look back at the best articles and podcasts of 2008 and help us start to think about what we’ll need in 2009. If you have topics you’d like to hear about or challenges you’d like help facing, please pop us a note below or send a twitter message.

We’ve got great plans for our articles, podcast, virtual seminars, and live events — and we want to help you. So, as my Yiddish grandmother would always say, “Don’t be such a stranger.”

Thank you for encouraging our behavior throughout 2008. We wish you a successful and productive 2009.

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