Free Download: Is IT Ready for Experience Design?

Jared Spool

January 2nd, 2009

Earlier this year, Carolyn Snyder and the good folks at the Cutter Consortium asked me to write an article for the Cutter IT Journal.

Several weeks later, I submitted Is IT Ready for Experience Design? I wrote this essay for IT managers and CIOs looking to understand what it means to create great experiences for customers.

Now, as a holiday gift, Cutter is letting me give our friends (that includes you) a complimentary PDF of the entire special journal issue, IT Usability: Bridging the Gap Between Machines and People. If you’d like to get it, just go to this page on the Cutter site and follow the instructions.

Warning: The Cutter folks ask for information before you download. I don’t know what they do with this, but I’m betting they use it for the forces of good and not to support the axis of evil. Proceed at your own risk. (It’s ok with me if Bill Gates downloads a bunch of copies. Not that I’m suggesting you falsify information. Wink. Wink.)

2 Responses to “Free Download: Is IT Ready for Experience Design?”

  1. nortypig » Blog Archive » Bridging the Gap Says:

    […] Cutter Consortium are giving out their paper on IT Usability: Bridging the Gap between People and Machines. (via Jared) […]

  2. Kim Leonard Says:

    Hey, Jared. Glad you’re getting out the word about this great issue of CITJ! Also, thanks for the chance to clarify Cutter’s privacy policy. We don’t ever give out the contact information of people who register on the Cutter website. And we only email people who are our clients and/or have asked to hear from us (which they can specify when they register).

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