@SemanticWill’s Process of Wireframing

Jared Spool

January 4th, 2009

One of the sample wireframe images from Will Evans.

Over at Semantic Foundry, designer extraordinaire, Will Evans, has a wonderful essay explaining how he uses wireframing as both a problem setting and a problem solving approach.

I pick my primary audience and the one activity which allows them to solve one goal quickly, effortlessly, elegantly. In this case, the primary audience wants to easily find the best cruise, at the right time, for the right price. I don’t even look at the requirements document or competitive analysis until after I have sketched a couple of ideas either on paper or using Omnigraffle, which explores the primary goal. I’m not looking for solutions at this point because the first round of wireframes provide a space to engage in a dialogue with other designers, stakeholders, and the wireframes themselves.

It’s a great description of how Will tackles a design and he’s provided his work products for you to download.

Read Will’s essay: Shades of Gray: Wireframes as Thinking Device

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  1. Will Evans Says:

    Just a plug for a Dan’s workshop – I’ve been doing wireframes for a long time – and this past fall I took his all day wirerfaming workshop – and I learned quite a bit – so even if you are a seasoned professional, you’ll waalk away with a lot of new insights and it’s well worth the money you put down.

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