Brian Hochhalter on My Interview With Dan Brown

Jared Spool

February 2nd, 2009

Over at From Chaos, Brian Hochhalter wrote a very thoughtful review of the interview I did with Dan Brown:

Growing documents

Brown begins by suggesting that designers start documents with a basic nucleus of necessary information then adding detail in layers. He also put forward the idea that ideal documentation should be able to give a bird’s eye view and address the road-level details that developers and quality analysts need.

It seems to me that multiple documents become the best approach to meeting this ideal of providing the bird’s eye view and road level detail. In past work I’ve tended to use site maps or high level flow diagrams to give the high level information then use wireframes or lo-fi prototypes to get into the road level detail. (There is also need for technical documentation of both bird’s eye and road level detail but these tend to fall to the Front End and Back End team leads.)

Read Brian’s thoughts on the interview.

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