Why Designers Fail and What to Do About it, with Scott Berkun – Our Next UIE Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

March 31st, 2009

On Tuesday, April 14, we’ve got one of our most popular presentations from the last UI Conference, and one of our most popular presenters in Scott Berkun. Scott will ask the following: How often do you celebrate failures? Yes, you heard that right. Most shun failure, but in the right environment, you can get past the fears and inhibitions, and put the amazing power of studying failures to work for you. In this talk, Scott will show you how.

To help you understand what you can expect out of this seminar, Scott has put together a preview for you:

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In advance of the presentation, we’d love to hear from you. How is failure perceived in your organization? When is the last time you celebrated a failure? Or do you think failure should be avoided at all costs? When failure does happen, how does your team address it, or is it the “white elephant in the room?” Share your thoughts below.

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