Missed the Web App Summit? You Can Still Experience It.

Lauren Cramer

May 1st, 2009

If you missed attending the UIE Web App Summit, we’ve created something special just for you. Experience the Summit yourself with the Proceedings CD.  For the first time ever, you can get a CD loaded with all the presentation slides PLUS 14 audio recordings. 

Last week’s UIE Web App Summit was the best Web App Summit we have ever put together. The 16 outstanding speakers covered topics ranging from form design, Ajax, RIAs, design deliverables, wireframes, accessibility, design patterns, and web standards.

Highlights of the Summit included two incredible keynote presentations. Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, inspired the attendees with an incredible talk on Building a Brand that Matters. And our own Jared Spool gave an insightful talk, Revealing Design Treasures from The Amazon. Now you have the chance to hear what Tony, Jared, and 14 other presenters said at the Web App Summit with our Proceedings CD.

We take great care working with each speaker to design extremely valuable materials. As a result, with the proceedings, you’ll have all the tools and techniques needed to tackle your biggest design challenges. Plus, these proceedings allow you to share this knowledge with your colleagues. Not only do you get to read the presentation decks, you get to hear some of the actual presentations.

Learn from world-renown experts:

  • Luke Wroblewski on Parti and the Design Sandwich
  • Bill DeRouchey on Designing Humanity Back Into Your Products
  • Nathan Curtis on Achieving Reuse with Patterns and Components
  • Joshua Porter on Designing for First-time Users
  • And many others

Overall, this CD has 22 presentations from 16 presenters. And 19 hours of audio recordings of the Featured Presentations, Keynotes, and Perspective Talks from Monday and Wednesday of the Summit.

Did you attend the Web App Summit? Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you have access to the updated presentations and the audio recordings.

If you didn’t attend, this is the best way to experience the valuable information shared by our presenters. You can see all the presentations on the CD at the  Web App Summit agenda

Order your CD by May 8 to be guaranteed the full set of notes and audio recordings, so you too can experience the Summit.


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