UIEtips: Our Top Articles on Experience Design – Part 2

Jared Spool

June 1st, 2009

How does your design team’s vision, feedback, and culture affect the experience design you strive to create? How do your team’s great designs get delivered to your development team? How does your organization deal with major design changes? What’s your design decision style?

All these questions are addressed in the conclusion of our series on top articles on Experience Design. If you missed out on part 1, we covered these articles:

In today’s UIEtips, we have four articles related to Experience Design. The first article, The 3 Qs for Great Experience Design, discusses three questions to help us determine if a team will produce designs that deliver great experiences. The second article, Getting the Most from Design Deliverables, looks at three goals when developing design deliverables. The third article, Designing Embraceable Change, addresses how to handle major design changes with your users. And our last article, Five Design Decision Styles. What’s Yours? explores different decision processes when developing designs.

As always, please share your thoughts with us. We’d like to know how you communicate your design deliverables, determine your design decision style, and hear how you communicate major change with your users? Join the discussion about this week’s topic below.

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