Spoolcast: Search, Scent & the Happiness of Pursuit Followup

Jared Spool

August 11th, 2009


Answering Questions from our recent seminar, Search, Scent & the Happiness of Pursuit
Duration: 23m | 14 MB
Recorded: August, 2009
Brian Christiansen, UIE Podcast Producer
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Last month we held a UIE Virtual Seminar where I presented my talk, Search, Scent, and the Happiness of Pursuit. As always, we had a number of excellent questions from the live audience that we couldn’t attend to during the seminar, so, with a little help from Adam Churchill, I recorded this podcast and cover a number of those remaining questions.

If you didn’t attend the live seminar, and are interested in helping users find what they seek, then you’ll still enjoy this podcast. If you find yourself wanting more afterwards, don’t forget you can still purchase a recording of the session for another 90 minutes of Search, Scent, and the Happiness of Pursuit.

During the podcast, I dig into these questions:

  • Should the failed search log be getting smaller if the design is good?
  • Is there a correlation between search volume and customer satisfaction?
  • How important is the number of search results shown? Do users want to see lots of results and filter down, or see fewer results and browse?
  • Would you expect these results to change if you were studying Intranet sites?
  • Is Advanced Search relevant or necessary?

Tune in to get some tips on how to get your users to what they seek. Still have questions? Start the discussion in our comments, below.

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