UIEtips: Part 2 – Front End Concerns When Implementing Faceted Search

Jared Spool

August 11th, 2009

Back on August 6,  we brought you part 1 of Daniel Tunkelang’s article on Front End Concerns When Implementing Faceted Search. Daniel discussed where and when to present facets and organizing facets and facet values.  

In today’s UIEtips, we continue with part 2. In this article, Daniel explores specific aspects of faceted search interfaces that raise front-end usability concerns such as the search box and dealing with multiple selection. He then looks at a more holistic approach through design patterns.

If you’re in the process of implementing faceted search within your web site, or thinking about doing so, you’ll want to watch the upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar with Daniel Tunkelang and Pete Bell on faceted search. You’ll get some real insights into the challenges and tricks when implementing faceted search. And, as a bonus, you’ll get a free copy of Daniel’s book Faceted Search when you register. Read all about the virtual seminar and see a preview

Have you planned out a faceted search interface to your data? What were some of the hurdles you ran into? How did you work through them? Share your experiences below.

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