SpoolCast: Comps vs. Code Followup

Jared Spool

August 13th, 2009


Answering questions with Ethan Marcotte following up his recent seminar
Duration: 22m | 12 MB
Recorded: August, 2009
Brian Christiansen, UIE Podcast Producer
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A couple of weeks ago we held a UIE Virtual Seminar with Ethan Marcotte from Happy Cog West, a designer of beautiful websites. As always, we had a number of excellent questions from the live audience that we couldn’t attend to during the seminar, so Adam Churchill got together with Ethan to record this podcast and cover a number of those remaining questions.

If you didn’t attend the live seminar, and are interested lessons learned from case studies on collaboration between designers and developers, then you’ll still enjoy this podcast. If you find yourself wanting more afterwards, don’t forget you can still purchase a recording of the session for another 90 minutes of “couples therapy.”

During the podcast, Adam asked Ethan to dig into these questions:

  • When using a typographic grid on fluid sites, can you talk about what happens when the browser window is pulled in narrower than the “ideal” width or min width?
  • At what point do you folks check the accessibility and cross-browser compatibility?
  • Is the transition any different between front-end developer and the back-end developer?
  • Have you ever encountered a problem between the designer and a back end coder? If so, what was the problem? How did you overcome it?

Tune in to hear more about Comps vs. Code. Still have questions? Start the discussion in our comments, below.

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