Blog and Podcasting Update

Brian Christiansen

September 8th, 2009

Please forgive our appearance, but we’re renovating the Brainsparks blog.

Executive Summary: Things may be a little out of sync around the blog, especially regarding our podcasts, for the next day or so.

The Full Story:
Perhaps you heard that over the weekend there was a string of malicious attacks against WordPress installs that weren’t the absolutely newest version. Ours was out of date because we used a podcasting plug-in that was discontinued during a previous version of WordPress. Long story short, we had to hasten our upgrade to the new version and transition to a new podcasting package at the same time today, and sooner than we were prepared for. Not surprisingly, this has lead to a number of things breaking. I’m working on re-wiring everything as fast as possible.

If you see something pop up, like a PHP error, you’re welcome to let me know by commenting on this post. As I write this, about half of the podcasts are “miswired” and I’m manually fixing them one by one. If a podcast doesn’t play for you, it hopefully will soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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