Effectively Moderating Usability Tests, October 21

Adam Churchill

October 14th, 2009

You’ve just been asked to moderate a usability test. Whether it’s
your first or your 199th, do you know how to do it and capture the
best results? Will you be able to start it without a lump in your
throat, or without being distracted by the thought that your every
move is being watched? We’re bringing an expert in to help you make
the most of this important research study. In our next UIEVS on
Wednesday, October 21, Beth Loring will teach you 6 Golden Rules to
Effectively Moderate Usability Tests.

Conducting a usability test can be stressful, but you know how
important this effort is. Effectively moderating a usability test is
a critical part of your user research. It can put the design team on
the path to success or failure in the next steps of a product’s
design. Relax, you can do this. With a little guidance, and some
practice, you can master this art of interacting with you users and
get the results your organization needs.

Want to learn more, see Beth’s preview, or register?.

Beth will answer your questions and offer some strategies to
consider. Whether you’ve conducted hundreds of usability tests or
about to do your first one, this seminar is sure to give you
valuable tips to use right away. Sign up today, and learn from one
of the experts in moderating usability tests!

If you have yet to moderate a usability test, but will at some
point, what concerns do you have? If you’ve done them, what tricks
and tips do you have to pass along? Share your thoughts, questions,
and concerns below.

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