UIEtips: Gerry McGovern Says “Manage the Tasks”

Jared Spool

October 28th, 2009

For years, we’ve known about the importance of completing tasks. Not the items on your to-do list — the users’ tasks.

What we found in our research over the last 10 years is that practically every measure of users’ performance correlates strongly with the users completing their task. Users who achieve their objective believe the web site looks more professional, rate it as more fun, tell us it runs faster, and are more satisfied with the site. There’s no doubt: if you want users to love your site, make sure they complete their tasks.

Yet, even though we know task completion is important, many teams don’t have a strategy for it. They adopt a “launch and leave” approach to their sites, moving on to the next project once they’ve pushed something out the door.

To prepare for this issue of UIEtips, I talked with Gerry McGovern about how teams are managing their tasks. This is a hot topic for him right now and he’s got some really interesting insights. I’m sure you’ll find the article fascinating.

We’ve released the interview as a podcast. It’s definitely worth listening to.

If you’re looking to adopt or upgrade your own strategy for managing tasks, there are still a few seats in Gerry’s full-day workshop at the upcoming User Interface 14 conference in Boston next week.

Have you employed a strategy to manage your users’ top tasks? We want to hear what you’re doing. Leave us your thoughts below.

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