UIEtips: Design – Exploring Options and Making Decisions

Jared Spool

November 11th, 2009

“It’s expensive.” “We don’t have time.” “This was the only solution we could think of.”

Often, when we talk to teams about whether they think they explored enough design alternatives, they tell us they didn’t because of time, resources, or their own lack of imagination.

However, good design doesn’t have to be an expensive process, if you have the right tools and techniques in your toolkit. At last week’s User Interface 14 Conference, I had the opportunity to hear Leah Buley, Donna Spencer, and Dan Rubin share their favorite tools and techniques, showing that design exploration can be an easy tool for any team. In the article, Design-Exploring Options and Making Decision, you’ll read what they had to say.

You can also hear Leah, Donna, and Dan’s presentations, along with the other 6 presenters on the UI14 conference proceedings disc. The disc has over 12 hours of audio recordings, all the handouts from the Featured Talks, and the presentation slides to the eight full-day workshops. Listen to a sample from Leah Buley’s talk on How to be a User Experience Team of One.

Do you have your own tricks for exploring design alternatives? If so, drop us a note below. We’d love to hear from you.

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