Icons & Images on December 3

Adam Churchill

November 20th, 2009

One of our most popular UIE Virtual Seminar presenters is back, sharing his thoughts with you on visual design.  On December 3, Patrick Hofmann drills down into one of his favorite topics, Effective Use of Icons & Images.

Icons and images are being used more today than ever before to aid people in finding information. How can you employ these in design to maximum effect? How will you know if you’ve succeeded?

This UIE Virtual Seminar will address Patrick Hofmann’s most recent usability research and visual design projects to answer these questions.  Want to learn more, see Patrick’s preview, or register?

Why Patrick Hofmann?  We’re huge fans of Patrick and you’ll quickly see why. If you have heard Patrick present, or if you joined us for last Fall’s popular webinar on The Essentials of Visual Design, you know he has a passion for removing words from interfaces and replacing them with pictures.

If you’re wondering how to elevate your visual design, join us, as Patrick shares his findings and ideas for effective use of icons and images.

How do you decide where and when to use icons and images?  What stories do you have to share, successes or struggles?  Get the conversation started by adding your experiences below.

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