Contest: Help Us Name Our Web App Thingy

Jared Spool

November 23rd, 2009

Over the years, people have called us a lot of names. Here’s your chance to help us with a new one.

In 2010, we’re bringing a cool new series of 2-day events to four US cities. We’re still putting it together, so I can’t share too many details.

I can reveal this: It’s gonna be about the best practices for designing web-based applications. It’ll have the kind of field-leading, edge-defining, top-caliber speakers you’ve come to expect from a UIE event, jam-packed with groovy case studies and inspiring insights.

It needs a name. Web App Thingy ain’t gonna cut it.

We don’t know what to call this 2-day thing. For lack of anything better, we keep calling it the “Web App Thingy”, but we’re dubious that’ll play well outside our walls.

Last year, we held our very successful UIE Web App Summit in Newport Beach. This event is on the same theme, but “Summit” didn’t seem right for something in four cities, where we’re coming to you, instead of you coming to us.

We’ve also done a “Roadshow”, but because we’re thinking this will have a whole bunch of great speakers, we thought this underplayed the real talent that’s coming along.

All-star Super Tour seemed pretentious. So, we’re at a loss as to what we call the thingy.

Give our Thingy a name. Win a free registration.

Would you like to come to our Thingy for free? If so, help us find a better name.

We’re holding a contest. If we like your name, you get to come for free. And 3 people who enter will win a free UI14 Proceedings and 2009 Web App Summit Proceedings Discs.

Send your entries (as many as you want) to by midnight (EST) on December 4, 2009. Any ideas are good ideas.

We’ll pick three email addresses out of all the submissions at random and send each one our UI14 Conference Proceedings and 2009 Web App Summit Proceedings Discs.

And, if we love your event name enough to use it, you can be our guest at the Web App Thingy (or whatever you called it)! How cool would that be?!? (You’ll walk around the event, pointing at every badge, sign, and napkin, telling everyone around you, “I came up with that!”)

Please, help name our thingy!

29 Responses to “Contest: Help Us Name Our Web App Thingy”

  1. Nalie Lee Says:

    1. the Latest and Greatest in Web App
    2. ‘Fearless’ Web App Tour

  2. clifton Says:

    If you’re doing a two-day event in four cities, I’d say you have to have 2×4 in the title.

    2×4 Conference
    2×4 2010 (or 2k10, to be all fancy)
    Web App 2×4
    Or, if you want the company name in there, UIE2x4

    Might conjure up the wrong image, but what’s more powerful and effective than a big block of wood?

  3. Cliff Says:

    Web App 2.4

  4. Nathan Says:

    How about the UIE Application Odyssey? That way, you get all five vowels: UIEAO.

  5. Peter Boersma Says:

    To stay with the spirit of that other Summit (IA Summit): “This one goes to four!”

  6. Kym Says:

    UIE Web App Extravaganza

  7. Joshua Ledwell Says:

    Web App-palooza

    Apps to the Fourth Power

    Web Apps Concatenated Conference

    Rally Four Web Apps

  8. Aarmel Says:

    Web App 4some
    “As sexy and awesome as it sounds”

  9. When Everything need in Words » Blog Archive » Hewitt on Europe Says:

    […] Contest: Help Us Name Our Web App Thingy » UIE Brain Sparks […]

  10. Sujatha Says:

    Let us call it



  11. Craig Says:

    How about:

    “The UIE Two-Four Roadshow”

  12. Pooja Says:

    Web app Acme

  13. Livia Labate Says:

    Jared’s Fierce Web App-A-Palooza

  14. Robin Says:

    App e Days (inspiration – “Happy Days” TV show song)
    App City in Red White and Blue Tour (inspiration – “Rhapsody in Blue”)
    App Across America
    The App-stract Think Tank
    The App-ening (inspiration – “The Happening” sung by the Supremes)
    The Web App Tech Teach-In (are you old enough to remember teach-ins?)
    Storm the App-mosphere Events
    The App-straveganza
    The Great Web App Gathering
    The App Solution Circle
    The Web App Forum For America
    The App Solution Circle
    The Web App Forum For America
    The Web App e-Vent

  15. Michelle Says:

    “Your Best Web Ever”
    “Put Your Best Web Forward”
    “Web AppCademy”

  16. Nancy Glock-Grueneich Says:

    Webs that Work
    What Works on the Web

  17. Justin Says:

    UIE Web App Happening
    UIE Web App Tournament
    UIE Web App Experience
    UIE Web App Invasion

  18. Naomi Robbins Says:

    I like descriptive names so

    UIE Designing Web-based Applications

  19. Julianne Treloar Says:

    UIE Web App Fourplay

  20. Kristina Says:

    UIE Web Application Boot Camp
    UIE Web App Design School
    UIE Web App Design Tour

  21. rs Says:

    Web Stars Tour

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  23. David Says:

    UIE Web App-y Happy
    UIE Web App Quest
    UIE Orb Quest (I know, a bit of a stretch)

  24. Colette Says:

    The name for your thingy can only be (I’m sorry if this sounds presumptuous) “Wapp!” (Wapp!s plural). Short, urgent, attention seeking, in your face, emphatic, precise.

  25. CK Says:

    “The Web App Force on Tour”
    “Web App Attack”

  26. Benjamin Ho Says:

    Web App Mind-Share (WAMS)
    Web App Mind-Meld (WAMM)
    Web App Knowledge Tour (WAKT)

  27. Cliff Says:

    Dr. J’s Web App Rap


  28. Irene Wong Says:

    Web App Bash
    Web App Do
    Web App Spree
    Web App Junket
    Web App Rave
    Web App Shindig
    Web App Jamboree
    Web App Wing Ding
    Web App Pageant

  29. David Tristano Says:

    UIE Web App Best Practices

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