Contest Update: Name our Web App Thingy!

Jared Spool

December 3rd, 2009

The plans for the our Web App Thingy event are moving along quickly. We’ve already lined up some kick-ass speakers on topics like Web App Navigation, Design Patterns, and building in Seductive Interfaces. We’re scoping out the venues to decide which of the four cities we’re gonna bring the tour to. And we’re getting really excited about it.

But it still doesn’t have a name!

Our contest for the Web App Thingy produced more than 550 submissions so far. We’ve gotten some great ideas.

Here’s some of the really interesting submissions:

  • Web App-attack!
  • Wicked Web (App) Wizards Conference
  • Web Apptitude 2010
  • Web App Expert Series
  • UIE Master Web App Designers Tour
  • Web App Touchy-Feely-Event
  • Web Jam
  • UIE Web App Caravan
  • Mega Web App Days

And one of my personal favorites came with a picture: Web App Tour (WAT).

Supply The Best Name and Win!

If we pick your name for the Web App Thingy, you’ll win a free registration. You’ll have 4 different locations to choose from.

And we’ll enter everyone who submits an entry into a drawing. We’re picking 3 people at random to each receive our UI14 Proceedings and UIE Web App Summit 2009 Proceedings Discs.

So, what are you waiting for? Send those submissions before midnight EST, Friday, December 4, 2009 to We’ll announce the winners the week of December 7.

I can’t wait to see your ideas.

One Response to “Contest Update: Name our Web App Thingy!”

  1. Irene Wong Says:

    Web app bash
    Web app shindig
    Web app pageant
    Web app jamboree
    The Web app croon
    Web app feast
    Web app muster

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