Ad Hoc Personas

Adam Churchill

February 8th, 2010

Treat your team to a conference-quality seminar right from your own office. Join us for the next UIE Virtual Seminar, The Power of Ad Hoc Personas: Truly Practical Methods to Get Your Organization On the Same Page, with Tamara Adlin, Thursday, February 18.

When you kick off a project right, everything is much easier. When that doesn’t happen, the team pays the price. We’ve all seen projects where, part way in, a well-intentioned executive derailed the team by changing the direction. To prevent this, we want to put everyone with the power to take the project off course, on to the same course.

Tamara Adlin has developed a great technique to make that alignment happen, which she calls Ad Hoc Personas. Her method, borrowed from research-based personas, creates characters out of information the organization already has at their fingertips. They’re inexpensive and easy to create, ensuring a customer focus from the very start of the project.

Register for this seminar before February 11, and we’ll automatically send you another great webinar recording, Making Personas Work for Your Web Site, with Steve Mulder. (Look for it in your confirmation email.)

Ever had a project de-railed after you’ve already started? How do you get everyone customer-focused and on the same page before you begin? Share you stories below.

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