A Practitioners Guide to Prototyping

Adam Churchill

March 17th, 2010

Our March 31 webinar, A Practitioners Guide to Prototyping, is full of great stuff for you: a critical topic, a rock star presenter, loads of actionable takeaways, a free PDF copy of an acclaimed book, a bonus seminar. What more could you want for your team?

Prototyping is an iterative process. You discover what works, what needs improving, and opportunities for new ideas. The earlier you learn about a design change, the easier it is to implement, and the less costly that change will be. Prototyping allows your team to explore ideas before you invest in them.

In this seminar, Todd Zaki Warfel, a recognized leader in the design-research and usability fields, will explore his Eight Guiding Principles for prototyping. These principles are the foundation for more effective prototyping, and will improve your design process whether you’re a seasoned prototyper or just getting your feet wet.

Register before March 24 to get your free personal PDF copy of Todd’s book, Prototyping, A Practitioners Guide, and lifetime access to Fred Beecher’s seminar, The Whys, Whats, and Hows of Prototyping.

Tell us how prototyping fits into your design process. Do you have an example where something in the design was caught early and saved a bunch of money? Or one where something was identified late and cost money? What is your experience with prototyping, and how do you sell it to the rest of the team? Or your stakeholders? Share your thoughts and experiences below. We’d love to hear them!

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