UIEtips: Part 3 – Interviews with Web App Masters, Jason Fried and Luke Wroblewski

Jared Spool

March 24th, 2010

In Part 3 of the interview series with Web App Masters, we bring in well respected heavy hitters, Jason Fried and Luke Wroblewski. Wait till you hear what they have to say.

If you missed part 1 and 2, here’s a recap. 

Part 1 featured Julie Zhuo of Facebook. She shared how Facebook handles design changes and public reaction to these changes. It’s a great listen.

Also featured in part 1 was Bill Scott’s podcast looking at design patterns and rich interactions. You’ll find some interesting moments in this podcast.

Part 2 featured Stephen Anderson on Seductive Interactions. He discussed how to encourage user behavior through the design of your web app.

Hagan Rivers also shared the spotlight on a new approach to designing web app navigation. You’ll want to hear her podcast Escaping Navigation Hell if you haven’t yet.

In today’s UIETips, Jason Fried talks about the design and development process behind their single sign on feature for their  web applications. And Luke Wroblewski discusses ways to make web forms less intimidating.

All the podcasts with our Web App Masters are a small sample of what they’ll say on the UIE Web App Masters Tour. We’re finishing up the San Diego Tour now, and the speakers were outstanding. You can review what they covered with a Twitter search #WAMT. You can still catch the Tour in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Seattle. Read all about the Tour at www.UIETour.com.

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