Your Top Questions on Web Form Design

Adam Churchill

April 12th, 2010

How effective are the forms on your web site? How do you measure that effectiveness? A scary but common answer to these questions is “we’re not sure.”

Web forms are the linchpin to a user’s engagement with your design. All too often these forms, the last and most important step in a user’s journey, are poorly thought out or crafted. It’s common to struggle with forms—knowing exactly how to design it so the user doesn’t abandon it.

How long should your form be? Is it best to break a form into multiple steps? What are the considerations for a two-column design? How do you handle international addresses? These are just a few examples of what countless others wrestle with in their form design.

We’re huge fans of Luke Wroblewski, our go to person on “web form design.” He’s compiled some of the most pressing challenges faced by designers, and shares his thoughts and solutions on them in our next UIE Virtual Seminar, Thursday, April 22.

What are your biggest challenges with form design?  How do you know when you’ve addressed them well?  We’d love to hear your thought’s in advance of Luke’s Seminar.

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