UIEtips: Part 1- Interviews with Web App Masters Julie Zhuo and Bill Scott

Jared Spool

April 15th, 2010

Over the last couple months, I had the privilege of interviewing some of the leading experts in the world of web app design. These folks are the creme de la creme in their field and shared quite a bit of juicy information with me.

In a 4-part series, we’ll feature audio interviews with these Masters. Today’s tips feature Julie Zhuo of Facebook and Bill Scott of Netflix.

Julie Zhuo’s podcast, Design Lessons from Facebook’s 350 Million, shares how Facebook handles design changes and public reaction to these changes. You may be surprised by what she has to say. Listen to Julie’s podcast.

Bill Scott’s podcast looks at design patterns and rich interactions. He talks about exploring each micro-stage of an interaction and designing for the nuances of interesting moments. Listen to Bill’s podcast.

Julie and Scott are two of the 13 Masters involved with the Web App Masters Tour. If you’re involved with web app design, then you’ll want to explore the rest of the Masters and their sessions in the 4 city tour. It’s two days of inspiring presentations with a perfect blend of theory and practice. Learn more about the Tour at www.UIETour.com.

Web App Masters TourUntil April 19, you can register for any of the Tour cities for $795 when you use the promotion code TOURBLOG. Learn more about the tour at www.UIETour.com

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