UIEtips: Part 2 – Interviews with Web App Masters Hagan Rivers and Stephen Anderson

Jared Spool

April 15th, 2010

Recently in UIEtips, we featured part 1 of the Interviews with the Masters. Julie Zhuo shared how Facebook handles design changes and public reaction to these changes. If you didn’t get a chance to listen, Julie’s podcast shares some fascinating Facebook processes that you’ll want to hear.

Bill Scott’s podcast looked at design patterns and rich interactions. Solid and insightful information that is definitely worth a listen.

In part 2, two more Masters from the Web App Masters Tour, Stephen Anderson and Hagan Rivers, share their wealth of information with us.

Stephen Anderson’s podcast on Seductive Interactions looks at how to encourage user behavior through the design of your web app. Stephen’s cutting edge thinking brings new and exciting ideas to try for your designs. Listen to Stephen’s podcast.

When it comes to web app navigation, Hagan Rivers is the grand master of them all. Her podcast, Escaping Navigation Hell, presents a new approach to designing web app navigation—design it as a separate application. Listen to Hagan’s podcast.

Stephen and Hagan join Julie and Scott along with 9 other Masters for the 4 city Web App Masters Tour. Two days full of inspiration, aimed directly at the designers of today’s web-based applications. Come listen to these Web App Masters share their wisdom and deliver powerful insights you can act on immediately. Learn more about the Tour at www.UIETour.com.

Web App Masters TourUntil April 19, you can register for any of the Tour cities for $795 when you use the promotion code TOURBLOG. Learn more about the tour at www.UIETour.com

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