UIEtips: Part 4 – Interviews with Web App Masters Christian Crumlish, Erin Malone, and Ken Kellogg

Jared Spool

April 16th, 2010

The time has come to wrap up the final part of the Web App Masters interview series. Today we feature Ken Kellogg from Marriott and the authors of Designing Social Interfaces, Christian Crumlish and Erin Malone.

Ken Kellogg’s podcast talks about navigating the design process within a large corporate world, and how customer research plays an integral part of new designs. Listen to Ken’s podcast.

In Christian Crumlish and Erin Malone’s podcast, they talk about the huge collection of social design elements in their book. Christian and Erin also cover social communities and where the growth of “social in” is occurring. Listen to Christian and Erin’s podcast.

Did you miss parts 1-3 of the interview series? We showcased these Masters:

  • Part 1 – Julie Zhuo on how Facebook handles design changes. And Bill Scott taking a look at design patterns and rich interactions. Here’s the post to part 1.
  • Part 2 – Hagan Rivers’ new approach to designing web app navigation. And Stephen Anderson on how to encourage user behavior with the design of your web app. Read the post to part 2.
  • Part 3 – Jason Fried discusses 37signals’ design and development process. And Luke Wroblewski on how to make web forms less intimidating. Here’s the post to part 3.

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