SpoolCast: Bill Scott’s Desiging for Interesting Moments: Live!

Brian Christiansen

April 23rd, 2010

Duration: 15:41m | 9 MB
Recorded: March, 2010
Brian Christiansen, UIE Podcast Producer
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There are more than 16 different events and 96 interesting moments in a common drag and drop interaction. Your designs must leverage these moments to enhance the user interaction to deliver the right feedback and avoid distraction and confusion.

Bill Scott’s Designing for Interesting Moments was one of the highlights of the first stop on UIE’s Web App Masters tour, in San Diego. We wanted everyone to benefit from his research into web interactions, so we’re bringing you this audio and visual sample.

View Bill Scott’s Designing for Interesting Moments Sample

Since we couldn’t embed all the visuals here, we’ve built a special showcase. You can listen to Bill describe the components of his first principle of Designing for Interesting Moments, “Input where there’s output”, and view his example videos and screen shots. Bill’s presentation is visually rich. You can listen to the audio alone, but we recommend you view the visuals with the audio.

In this excerpt from the talk, Bill touches on patterns that work and anti-patterns to avoid.


  • In-line editing
  • Multi-in-line editing
  • Symmetry


  • Non-symmetry
  • Tiny-targets
  • Artificial Visual Constructs

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This is just one principle from Bill Scott’s Designing for Interesting Moments You should join us to see all six principles at the UIE Web App Masters Tour. You won’t regret it.

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