UIEtips: Baking Social Interfaces Into Your Design

Jared Spool

April 28th, 2010

Some days, I sit and wonder what it will be like for our children’s children. After all, our parents’ parents didn’t think that houses came with plumbing. So what will our grandkids think?

Computers, it seems, are here to stay for a while. However, they’re getting smaller, ubiquitous, and are far more connected. We’re already seeing it, as kids move away from email to more social applications on the tiny screens of their phones.

Social components will likely be everywhere. We’ll look to exploit this connectivity. Making sure our designs have those social interfaces doesn’t come without consideration and planning.

In today’s UIEtips, I discuss how to use a great resource—the new book, Designing Social Interfaces, written by Christian Crumlish and Erin Malone—to ensure we’ve thought through the social components the right way. We’ve been blessed with the work that Erin and Christian put into this masterpiece. It’s an important resource for every design team.

Read the article: Baking Social Interfaces Into Your Design.

I’ve had the great opportunity to talk with Christian and Erin about designing social interfaces, as we’ve been preparing for their presentations at our UIE Web App Masters Tour. They are truly experts in this area, providing teams with great insights into how to leverage the future of integrating social components. You can hear their thinking in Philadelphia and Seattle. Check out the details at www.UIEtour.com.

Have you been employing social components in your design? Where did you find your inspiration? Share your thoughts below.

Web App Masters TourSee Erin Malone present in Philadelphia in June and Christian Crumlish in Seattle in July. Learn more about the Tour at www.UIETour.com

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