UIEtips: Two Masters Share Techniques for Enhancing the User Experience

Jared Spool

May 20th, 2010

One of the benefits of creating your own conferences is the ability to choose from a wide variety of industry experts. We’re pretty picky on who gets to speak. I’ve attended hundreds of conferences scoping out speakers who delight the audience while providing invaluable content. Then, I consider if they are the right fit for one of our conferences. The Web App Masters Tour is no exception.

Today, UIEtips features two amazing speakers, Bill Scott and Stephen Anderson. Both speakers strongly fit what we think is an ideal presenter. We extracted excerpts from their Web App Masters Tour talks and created podcasts. These talks are loaded with useful information to implement when designing web applications.

Bill Scott’s podcast, Designing Interesting Moments: Live!, delves into one of the principles he covers in his talk: input where there’s output. He gives us great examples of patterns and anti-patterns and how it effects the user’s interaction with the application.

Listen and learn more about Bill’s podcast, Designing for Interesting Moments: Live!

Stephen Anderson’s podcast, Designing Seductive Business Apps: Live!, looks at incorporating behavioral psychology into your design. He discusses three concepts: scarcity, set completion and the feedback loop and how it all plays into a user’s psyche and actions.

Listen and learn more about Stephen’s podcast, Designing for Seductive Business Apps: Live!.

Bill and Stephen cover a lot more material in their talks on the Tour. You still can hear them, plus 7 other Masters, at one of the two remaining Tour stops taking place on both sides of the US, Philadelphia or Seattle. Explore the whole program at www.UIETour.com.

Web App Masters TourUntil May 31, register for Philadelphia or Seattle and get $100 off when you use the promotion code TOURBLOG. Learn more about the tour at www.UIETour.com

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