Content Strategy, Maximizing a Business Asset

Adam Churchill

May 21st, 2010

Companies and agencies spend months and millions of dollars on how they’ll deliver content online, yet allocate very few resources toward creating and governing the content itself. Our users deserve more than the last-minute content they often get stuck with. And you have the power to change that.

It’s time to take charge and manage content like a critical business asset. Having a content strategy is key to delivering useful, usable content to your online audiences.

Content strategy is an emerging practice, and in our June 3 UIE Virtual Seminar, you’ll hear from Kristina Halvorson, the leading advocate for this discipline. You’ll learn to overcome dueling deadlines, shrinking budgets, clashing agendas, and your current web content woes.

Oh, and by the way, thanks to Kristina and our friends at PeachPit we’re giving away a FREE chapter from her book, Content Strategy for the Web. It’s chapter 4: “Audit—Learn how to take a close-up look at your current content.” Once you register, you’ll find the link to your copy in the confirmation email.

Where does content rank on your organization’s checklist? Does it come first, or dead last? How do you ensure content is treated like a valuable asset? Please share your thoughts and stories below.

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