Take Full Advantage of Your Own Site Search Analytics

Adam Churchill

June 15th, 2010

Ever wonder how to evaluate your users’ intent quantitatively? Struggle with how to do a pattern analysis to select and prioritize both metadata attributes and content types? What about uncovering patterns to predict and plan for the future of your site’s content? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you won’t want to miss the next UIE Virtual Seminar, Site Search Analytics.

Your site’s search engine produces all sorts of useful information. Spending time with your site’s query data—data that is semantically rich—will help you answer questions about your users’ behavior and intent. You’re likely to learn some unanticipated lessons about your site.

Why spend time with your search log’s data? It will give you more usable content, improved search engine performance, as well as better navigation and metadata. Your users will achieve more on your site. You’ll sell more, engage more, and reduce frustration.

Lou Rosenfeld, who helped establish the field of information architecture, will show you how to take advantage of your site’s query data, data that’s sitting on your server right now. He’ll show you how to set up and run simple reports and queries to get you started towards better dialogue with your customers.

Do you spend time on your site’s search analytics? Maybe you use Google analytics or some other tool? What sort of time does it require? Other resources? Share your experiences below.

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