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UIEtips: The Best 15 Minutes of UX Advice

Jared Spool

June 16th, 2010

On January 29, 2009, Robert Hoekman and I made history with our first Userability podcast, Exploring More Design Alternatives. We envisioned the podcasts to be the UX version of NPR’s popular radio show Car Talk. Anyone involved in the world of user experience could call in and ask their most pressing and perplexing questions. What blew us away was the number of questions we received, and how many came from an international audience.

We’ve tackled questions around accessibility, usability testing, deliverables in UX projects, relationship building within UX teams, design styles, and a bunch more topics that inquiring minds want answers to. In all, we have 16 Userability podcasts and more on the way.

This week’s UIEtips covers the last three Userability podcasts produced. The first one, Growing in UX, is on the importance of usability testing when creating a project. The next one, Going Social, covers techniques to encourage participation in a social community. And the last Userability podcast, Testing Without Solutions, explores how to handle testing problems you encounter during a usability study.

If you’re on our RSS feed, you may know about these podcasts and even tuned in already. Or perhaps you didn’t get the opportunity when they first came out. Whether it’s your first time hearing them, or taking a second listen, I think you’ll find them to be entertaining and hopefully educational.

If you’d like to ask a question, write us at or Or you can share your questions and thoughts below.

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