We’re Breaking Up The Band – Last Stop for Masters Tour

Jared Spool

June 22nd, 2010

We’re breaking up the band.

With one stop to go, we’re already considering the UIE Web App Masters Tour a huge success. Hundreds of web application designers, from all across the US and Europe, and as far away as Japan, Egypt, and South Africa, have found inspiration from our world-class experts. Fortunately, there’s one more stop on the tour and you can be there too.

I’m both excited and sad that our UIE Web App Masters Tour is coming to an end. I’m sad because I really wish we could keep going, bringing this merry band of thought leaders to designers all over the world. I’m excited because every tour stop gets better than the last. Seattle is sure to be our best.

But don’t just take our word on how awesome this Tour is. Here’s what some past attendees had to say:

“Absolutely one of the BEST conferences I’ve been to. Each speaker brought valuable lessons we can take away with us.” Philadelphia attendee

“Thank you everyone for an absolutely outstanding event. Loved it, loved it, loved it.” @brightmatrix

“Luke’s presentation on Forms is amazing. The mobile portion is mind blowing.” @webdesignmyths

“2nd day of Web App Masters Tour. Great stuff. @billwscott = excellent #uiewamt” @let5ch

“Wish I had a little #wamt remote so that I could rewind @haganriverstalk! Invaluable information on navigation!!!”@noniekiimp

“Going on record to let UIE know #uiewamt so far is brilliant, great value and I’ll be recommending it. And that’s after day 1.” @rahul

“Still digesting material from Web App Masters Tour! Amazing event! Lots of smart people attending. Loved single track & tons of valuable info! BRAVO UIE!” @Ilonaposner

“A great 2 days. I could build the rest of my career on what I learned at this conference.” Stan C

It’s Not too Late to be Part of the 2010 Tour

The last stop is in Seattle on July 12 & 13. It’s our last time we’re bringing these Masters together, ever! There’s about a one in a billion chance that all these Masters share the stage together again. Seattle will deliver a program we guarantee will change the way you design applications forever.

This Tour Changes the Way You Design

Across two days, nine leading experts in web-based application design share their experience and wisdom, to show you concrete examples on how to take your work to new levels. They tackle the issues of complexity, communicating with the developers, integrating new features, and engaging the users. Attendees come away with a full brain and a pile of new ideas, ready to start making improvements right away.

These 9 Masters rock this Tour.

Stephen Anderson shows us how, using the techniques of seduction, we can entice our users to enjoy exploring our applications to their full advantage.

Hagan Rivers has an amazing way of eliminating the inherent complexity of rich functionality, using a simple diagramming technique.

Ken Kellogg shares publicly, for the first time ever, how they guaranteed the success of Marriott.com’s major redesign of the company’s cash cow: the $6.5b reservation system.

Bill Scott takes us deep into the design of sophisticated interaction techniques that enhance the users’ experience while simplifying the application.

Luke Wroblewski explores several novel ways web applications can collect user input, through both mobile devices and desktop software.

Ryan Singer explains how 37signals integrates the code layers, templates, screen designs, flows between screens, and copywriting.

Christian Crumlish shows you how to build a solid social platform using a core set of social design principles with your application.

Doug Bowman discusses the research they used at Twitter to help the one-time users become loyal repeaters.

And I share our newest research into the secrets behind the best design teams.

Read all about each Master’s session on the web site.

Special Deal for Our Blog Readers

It would be downright awful if you missed this last tour stop. So we’ve put together a special deal. Just use the promotion code TOURBLOG when you register and we’ll give you $200 off the registration price. We have a limited number of seats left and you have to register by June 28.

Don’t miss the event of a lifetime. Join us in Seattle and inject new energy and inspiration into your designs.

Web App Masters TourUntil June 28, register for Seattle and get $200 off when you use the promotion code TOURBLOG. Learn more about the tour at www.UIETour.com

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