Heat Up Your UX Skills and Get a Chance for an Apple iPad

Lauren Cramer

July 15th, 2010

Do you have iPad envy? Wishing you had one of these beauties to watch videos, read books, do work, and take with you to the User Interface 15 conference? We can fix that. We’re giving away 4 of the most wanted, hard to come by items around – the Apple iPad.

Anyone who registers for the User Interface 15 Conference by July 15 will automatically be entered into the 4 weekly drawings starting on July 16. Imagine immersing yourself in 3 days of high power UX workshops and presentations and capturing all the incredible takeaways on one of these little babies.

Clear your calendar and be ready to hear from the best designers and UX experts in Boston on November 8-10. We know it’s unlikely you’ll register for the User Interface 15 Conference just because of the cool iPad give-away. Of course, it’s the conference that matters. The give-away happens to be the icing on the cake.

Here’s the recipe to UI15’s success, eight parts speakers, three parts days, one part you. Mix that all together and you’ll cook up a conference that guarantees you to come back with new tools and methodologies that will have your designs rise higher than ever.

Topics and Speakers

Take a look at the awesome full-day workshops from these folks.

  • Good Design Faster – Leah Buley
  • Building Effective Personas – Tamara Adlin
  • Web Form Design & Beyond – Luke Wroblewski
  • Effectively Communicating Design Ideas with Sketching – Dave Gray
  • Scenarios: Putting Personas to Work – Kim Goodwin
  • Visual Design Essentials for Web Designers – Dan Rubin
  • Standards, Reuse, Consistency, & Libraries – Nathan Curtis
  • Everything You Need to Create a Content Strategy – Kristina Halvorson

More information on the program at www.UICONF.com.

Sure these are awesome presenters and you’re guaranteed to boost up your designs. You’ll bring back tons of new tools and methodologies to share with your team. But wouldn’t it be amazing to have an iPad to take notes on while at UI15?

Be part of the dozens of folks already registered and in the running to win one of these must-have iPads. Regardless, you’re guaranteed to be the envy of your team, just for attending this conference.

Don’t you want to be included?

Why wait to sign-up for the conference and lose four chances to win the iPad? If you’re planning on coming, sign-up now and guarantee yourself a seat in the workshop of your choice, spend time with 8 great minds in the UX community, and learn what your peers are doing. And you’ll be in the running to win one of 4 Apple iPads. (We should mention that you can enter the drawing without registering for UI15.)

If you happen to miss the July 15 deadline, you can still register at the low sneak preview price of $1295 and be entered into the next drawing for the Apple iPad (there’s a drawing every week until August 9.)

I look forward to seeing you in Boston, and good luck on winning your iPad.

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