UIEtips: Three Important Benefits of Personas

Jared Spool

July 26th, 2010

As part of our research to understand what techniques truly help teams produce better designs, we’re still constantly surprised by the number of teams successfully using personas. With personas, teams report that
they are producing more usable designs that better match the needs of their audience, increasing the satisfaction of their users.

When teams use personas well, every member of the team really does seem to be on the same page about who the users are and what design will work best for them. We haven’t seen any other technique come close to getting this kind of result.

Our research has surfaced obvious benefits from the technique, such as better designer agreement on important features and an in-depth understanding of the user’s motivations. But, it’s also unveiled some benefits that we still don’t see discussed very much. Today’s UIEtips focuses on a past article we’re republishing, Three Important Benefits of Personas. In the article, I discuss some of these unrecognized benefits.

A section of this article discusses the age-old tradition of storytelling and how it ties in to learning and creating personas. Our next UIE Virtual Seminar, on Thursday, August 5, with Whitney Quesenbery is all about storytelling. Whitney will teach you how to craft and tell your own unique stories to improve your designs. Learn more about this webinar, Storytelling for UX.

And if you want a deep dive into creating and using personas, you’ll definitely want to attend this year’s User Interface Conference on November 8-10 in Boston. Both Kim Goodwin and Tamara Adlin’s full-day workshop incorporate persona development and use to enhance your designs.

As always, please share your thoughts with us. Has your design team created personas? What benefits have you seen? Join the discussion about this week’s topic below.

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