UIEtips: Google, User Experience, & Thinking Beyond Conversion

Jared Spool

August 24th, 2010

Designers care about the user experience. Marketers are concerned with SEO and conversion. The reality is that both need to work hand-in-hand to make more relevant and persuasive content that turns into higher search rankings. How do you get everyone on the same page?

Google comes to the rescue with their Quality Score. It’s an algorithm that ranks how relevant and persuasive the content is. The Quality Score will help designers produce a better site, while helping marketers get better search rankings. Become best friends with Google’s Quality Score and you’re sure to improve the relevance of your content and meet search metric goals.

Not many understand Google’s Quality Score. Plenty of you may not have even heard of it. For this week’s UIEtips article, we asked Jeffrey Eisenberg to explain how Google’s Quality Score works and why Google provides a financial incentive for paid searches that produce better user experiences. Jeffrey and his brother Bryan have helped numerous companies craft accountable digital marketing strategies that emphasize the optimization of customer experiences. I think you’ll learn a lot from this article.

Read the article, Google, User Experience, & Thinking Beyond Conversion.

We’re fortunate that Jeffrey and Bryan are also conducting our next virtual seminar, Produce a More Persuasive Site: Where Design and Marketing Meet. At the end of this Thursday’s (8/26) seminar, you’ll understand how to improve your Quality Score. They’ll share 7 perspectives to help you determine the relevance in your content. And they’ll give you 10 tips to improve your credibility, demonstrate value, and enhance the persuasiveness of your navigation.

Did you know about Google’s Quality Score? What have you done to improve your score? Share your thoughts with us below.

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