The UI15 Lineup – Gettin’ Better Every Year

Lauren Cramer

September 1st, 2010

The User Interface Conference is a 15-year tradition of building up the designer’s skill set. Each year our team of expert instructors gets better and better. These are people so rich in experience, we could just sit around for days listening to their stories on how they’ve achieved their success.

This year’s topics are an eclectic collection that really says a lot about the current state of online web and software design. The program tells the story of the full development cycle, from coming up with innovative ideas, to making those ideas a reality, to growing the design to fill out its nooks and crannies.

Here’s the UI15 line-up and why we chose these amazing presenters

Leah Buley‘s Good Design Fast session was so popular last year because it really resonated with everyone. We all want to be innovative, to generate new ideas that will blow away our customers and our co-workers. Leah’s session looks at the design process. Whether creating a brand new product or service, or trying to rethink what your existing offerings could be, this workshop delivers the tools to make that happen quickly and effectively.

Dave Gray has opened our eyes on what visual thinking can do. By creating a simple visual vocabulary, filled with simple elements that even a self-proclaimed worst drawer can handle, Dave opens up a world of communication for all of us. We can take complex ideas and lay them out for others, in a simple and understandable way. Seeing our ideas visually gives us a view into the thinking behind them, and lets us see where everything fits together.

For years we’ve tried to get Tamara Adlin on our program. Finally, it’s happening. Tamara is the high priestess of building personas in the design process. Her experience and high energy will keep you captivated as she explains her techniques for effective persona development. The designs that come from teams with a strong understanding of their personas are worlds better than anything else we see.

Nobody knows more about interaction design than Kim Goodwin. She’s a regular high point at our conferences. Kim as the great ability to talk about all phases of the design process, from understanding the users and innovating new ideas, through creating screens and flows, to the final refinements and finishing touches. Every designer deserves a day in their career to hear Kim demonstrate her masterful design techniques.

Luke Wroblewski owns the title of The World’s Most Authoritative Expert on Web Form Design. Luke has spent the last few years studying every possible approach, testing each idea for effectiveness, and is now a walking encyclopedia on the topic. Whether you’re asking your users to create a new account, fill out an application, or file their taxes, when it comes to web-based forms, you need to hear Luke’s wisdom on what works and what doesn’t.

Dan Rubin has a magical way of taking the elements of good graphic design — typography, layout, color, and imagery — and demonstrating how they improve the usability, effectiveness, and feel of a design. After hearing Dan, we suddenly understood what separated great looking sites from those that were frustrating. If you need to know the secrets of how great visual designers get their great results, attend Dan’s workshop.

In the last year, Kristina Halvorson has actively put the most important element — the content — front and center. She’s at the forefront of the new discipline — Content Strategy. It combines copywriting, information architecture, web governance, and business strategy to help organizations get complete control over the most important ingredient of their sites. Attending this workshop will change the way you think about managing your site’s content.

Nathan Curtis‘ knowledge of building design patterns and component libraries is encyclopedic. After listening to Nathan, you’ll share our excitement about the benefits of having an effective pattern and component library. His techniques for discovering, documenting, and curating the library elements are powerfully easy to implement in any organization. Nathan’s workshop is essential for anyone looking to grow their design efforts to meet enterprise-wide scale.

Avoiding Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

There are a lot of choices to make here. We know, it’s a tough decision on which workshops to sign up for. We’ll make it a little easier for you. All you have to do now is register for UI15. You’ll choose the workshops later. When you register by September 9, we promise you’ll get the workshops of your choice. Plus, there’s an added bonus of saving your company $400.

Learn more about the program and register at

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