UI15: Previews of the full-day workshops—How will you ever decide?

Lauren Cramer

October 22nd, 2010

This seems to be a common sentiment about this year’s User Interface Conference.

I’m sitting here staring at the updated program for #UI15 and I am thinking that I need to clone myself. Too many cool sessions, only one me. – @mxfive4

So we thought we’d try to help in the decision making process.

Figuring out which full-day workshops to attend at UI15 is tough. In our full-day workshop descriptions, we define the problems your team may experience. Then, we describe the breakdown of the day (the entire 9 hours). We explain why the topic is important, how it will change your future, why this workshop is exciting, and our rationale on why you want to spend a full-day with that particular expert.

Even with the detailed workshop descriptions, we took it one step further. We asked our experts to tell you, in their own words, what exactly their workshop is about. That’s where the workshop preview comes into play.

Each of our experts created a presentation with audio ranging from 3-5 minutes in length. They give you the highlights of what they plan on covering during the full-day workshop. It’s a great way to help determine which workshop is right for you.

For a quick and entertaining overview of the entire conference, watch Jared’s video first.

Here’s some background on each full-day workshop and links to each expert’s preview.

Everything You Need to Create a Content Strategy with Kristina Halvorson
Bring order to your content chaos. Kristina’s workshop will give you a repeatable methodology that you can deploy inside your current web strategy processes. Her trail-blazing techniques for content audits and structured documentation will help you bring out your content’s business value.

Watch Kristina’s preview

Visual Thinking for User Experience with Dave Gray
Wireframes don’t help us with the Why, only the What of our designs. Dave’s simple sketching techniques are powerful tools for communicating your design’s rationale. You’ll learn solid strategies for visualizing your ideas, which will help you identify issues while creating great new experiences.

Watch Dave’s preview

Web Form Design and Beyond with Luke Wroblewski
Luke returns once again to share the latest on effective web form design. He’ll walk you through research-informed best practices for taking advantage of rich interactions, instantaneous sign-up processes, gradual engagement, mobile devices & much more in your Web forms.

Watch Luke’s preview

Designing with Scenarios: Putting Personas to Work with Kim Goodwin
Once you’ve created your personas, Kim’s laser-precise techniques will focus your team on exactly the right design, by employing four different scenario types: Context, Key Path, Validation, and Communication. Spur your team’s imagination, while creating the best interaction that works for your users.

Watch Kim’s preview

Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers with Dan Rubin
Great visual design helps users know what to do and feel great about doing it. Mastering Dan’s techniques for creating an integrated visual design system will simplify your job, while providing easy tools for selecting the right colors, fonts, and layouts.

Watch Dan’s preview

Standards, Reuse, Consistency, & Libraries with Nathan Curtis
Style guides and page templates can only take you so far. Using Nathan’s techniques, you’ll quickly identify reusable components and build up a library. You’ll see how to leverage the patterns that are solutions to common problems, speeding your design process while reducing jarring inconsistencies.

Watch Nathan’s preview

Good Design Faster: New Techniques for Creative Ideas with Leah Buley
Once you try Leah’s techniques for Design Sprints and Sketchboarding, nothing will hold you back. Your team will set time records for creating new, innovative ideas. Move from back-of-the-napkin sketching to mapping out your design’s interaction, flow, and form in just a few days.

Watch Leah’s preview

Getting Them There and Keeping Them There with Tamara Adlin and Vanessa Fox

When your team knows your users really well, it’s easier to create great designs. Tamara’s effective persona development techniques will get your entire team on the same page about who you’re designing for and why. You’ll love these easy-to-do methods that produce amazing results.

Watch Tamara and Vanessa’s preview

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