SpoolCast: SEO and User Experience in Harmony with Tamara Adlin and Vanessa Fox

Brian Christiansen

November 2nd, 2010

Duration: 31m | 16.4 MB
Recorded: October, 2010
Brian Christiansen, UIE Podcast Producer
Sean Carmichael, audio editor
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SEO and User Experience shouldn’t be at odds with one another. That’s what Vanessa Fox and Tamara Adlin tell us in this week’s SpoolCast with Jared Spool. Vanessa is the founder of Nine By Blue, author of Marketing in the Age of Google, and a former Googler herself. Tamara is the founder of adlin, inc, author of multiple books on personas, and a former customer experience leader at Amazon. Vanessa and Tamara are giving a full-day workshop on using business-driven personas to create holistic search and experience strategies at the User Interface 15 Conference. In this podcast, you’ll get a taste of what they’ve been working on.

When you make something usable, it naturally attracts search engines. That may fly in the face of some of the SEO talk you’ve heard. Vanessa tells us not to build your site with search algorithms in mind. Algorithms change. Instead you should build your site towards the aim of the search.

Tamara suggests building our sites around conversations with our users. That’s what the search engines reward. What problem does your product or service solve? Answer your customers’ questions on your site, and you’ll be found.

You need a holistic process across the silos.

A big stumbling block to this common sense approach to UX is corporate politics. People are naturally most concerned about their silo of the company. Tamara and Vanessa believe a good UX consultant will see the silo and ask everyone to step back and ask “What are the business goals”? It seems silly, but it’s effective. No UX or SEO will succeed without that clarity, says Tamara.

We’re thrilled to have Vanessa and Tamara give a full-day workshop on embracing SEO and UX through personas. We hope you’ll join us there. You can learn more about this topic and workshop in the podcast. Don’t forget to leave us your questions and comments here, below.

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