Our Next Virtual Seminar: Do I Make it a Button or a Link?

Adam Churchill

November 12th, 2010

Web applications live in this strange world, half application, half web site. Something as simple as making a command look like a command, becomes difficult quickly. Do you make it a button? Should it be a link?

Visual design problems affect an application’s success in a variety of ways. In the mildest form, they slow users down and distract them from their task. In the worst cases, they confuse users to the point of giving up or needing assistance. If the application is in the organization’s revenue stream or helps reduce costs, we’ve seen visual design issues can dramatically affect the bottom line.

For some time now, we’ve been fortunate to work with the design consulting firm, Two Rivers Consulting. UIE virtual seminars from Hagan Rivers have taught you to design better navigation and her Web App Masters talk shows you techniques for navigation in web applications. Now, we are honored to share with you the other half of this talented team, David Rivers.

On November 18, David will present a virtual seminar—Visual Design for Web Applications. He will help you improve your application’s visual appearance, while taking into account those real-world considerations we all face. David will show you how to create or update your application’s visual design to make it successful and delightful.

Join us on November 18 for David’s seminar. It’s chock full of real-world examples and insight that you won’t want to miss!

What is your toughest challenge in designing visual appearance of web applications? Got some tips to share? Let’s hear ’em. Share your stories below.

2 Responses to “Our Next Virtual Seminar: Do I Make it a Button or a Link?”

  1. Peter Says:

    Your article headline asks a question but you don’t really answer it accept to lead into a promotion for a seminar coming up. It’s okay to promote the seminar but I think a misleading title for an article on the web goes against good usability.

  2. Micah Says:

    I have to agree with Peter. I came expecting something useful – not a promo for a seminar.

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