UIEtips: A Look Back at 3 of Our Most Popular UIE Articles of 2010

Jared Spool

January 4th, 2011

Happy New Year! We know a new year means looking forward and moving on to new adventures, challenges, and opportunities. But we’re glancing back at 2010 and sharing three of our most popular articles from 2010. Even in a few years, I think these articles will stand the test of time and still provide valuable insights to help you and your team with UX design.

Today, we’ll take a look back at:

  • How to Create a UX Design Library. Nathan Curtis of EightShapes walks us through the process of creating a library. He’s broken it down into four doable steps (and even has a fabulous poster-grade visualization of the process).
  • Five Indispensable Skills for UX Mastery. Here I explain five essential skills a UX designer needs to be really excellent at what they do.
  • Why We Sketch. In this article, I discuss how great designers use sketching for note taking, to convey their ideas in meetings, to record their conversations with their co-workers, and to support their design research.

We have big things planned for you in 2011. We’re working on some awesome new podcasts, articles, events, and virtual seminars to share with you throughout the year. Tell us how you’ll make design decisions in 2011. Share your thoughts with us below.

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