UIEtips: Kick Ass Kickoff Meetings

Jared Spool

January 24th, 2011

Joe was excited to get the project off the ground. Finally, his boss was giving him a chance to lead a project. This was going to be his chance to shine.

He invited all the key players from various departments. As they started filing into the room he started hearing murmurs of, “Here we go again, a useless kickoff meeting.” Eyes were rolling before the meeting even started, and half the attendees were checking their email, working on something else, or tweeting.

If only Joe had done his homework and read Kevin Hoffman’s article, Kick Ass Kickoff Meetings. Everything would have started differently.

Our good friend, Kevin Hoffman, contends that too many kickoff meetings squander the busiest, most expensive people’s time reiterating what everyone already knows. His challenge is that if every meeting is an opportunity, why waste your first, most important one?

In today’s UIEtips, were sharing an article Kevin wrote that caught our attention. We split the article into 2 parts. In part 1, Kevin explains the advance work that should take place prior to the kickoff meeting, and the type of questions you should ask your stakeholders. This article will start you down the path to better kickoff meetings.

Read the article, Kick Ass Kickoff Meetings.

It just so happens Kevin will be delivering our next virtual seminar on this very topic. He’ll share lots of great examples and the lessons the team at Happy Cog learned from one too many expensive and unproductive kickoffs. Learn more about Kevin’s seminar.

How do you prepare for kickoff meetings? What techniques do you employ to be sure team members leave those meetings full of ideas to explore? Share your thoughts with us below.

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  1. Rob Wolfe Says:

    Really enjoyed the article, Kick Ass Kickoff Meetings. It provides very insightful ideas for involving stakeholders to ensure project success. In fact, it inspired my latest blog posting in which I cited the article, Kevin Hoffman, and his suggested pre-kickoff questions to ask stakeholder interviewees:
    Relationship Management Starts Here: Preparing for Client Kickoff Meetings


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