UIEtips: Equalizing Opinions – Two Simple Tricks for Meeting Facilitators

Jared Spool

February 1st, 2011

Meetings, especially kickoff meetings, can be tricky to organize. You bring together a group of folks, often from all over the organization, who frequently don’t work together. If you’re an outsider to the group, like I often am, there may be a lot of dynamics that you’re not aware of.

The goal is to get great ideas on the table and to get everyone excited by the potential of this new undertaking. We want everyone to be heard and have a chance to get their thinking out.

In today’s UIEtips, I explore two techniques I often use to help me get team ideas out and on the table. They are simple to execute and powerful when done well. I wanted you to have a chance to try them yourselves.

Read the article, Equalizing Opinions – Two Simple Tricks for Meeting Facilitators.

When it comes to Kickoff meetings, we’re in love with what Kevin Hoffman has to say. He’s been exploring how folks bring their projects into being and has put together a collection of masterful techniques. You’ll want to tune in to Kevin’s UIE Virtual Seminar on Kickoff Meetings, this Thursday, February 3 at 1:30pm ET. See all the details.

What tricks do you use for getting everyone’s opinions out during your meetings? Share your techniques below.

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  1. Michelle Dombeck Says:

    I have a question, not an idea. What happens when your meetings are happening remotely? We have a lot of offices throughout the U.S., and we are often faced with the challenge of bringing people together only over the phone or WebEx. Do others have suggestions on how to make remote kickoffs/brainstormings go a little better?

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