What Makes The Most Valuable UX Person In The World?

Jared Spool

February 16th, 2011

At this year’s IA Summit in Denver, I’m giving a presentation on measuring the value a UX person delivers, which I’ve called, The Most Valuable UX Person In The World. Borrowing liberally from the Dos Equis ads, I used this as the program description:

The Most Valuable UX Person In The World

She builds her wireframes with real wire from ancient hand-smelted Ukranian steel.
Her worst personas could kick the ass of your best personas.
His pattern library is now in the Library of Congress.
When she explains good design visuals, the only thing Edward Tufte can add is “What she said.”
He’s organized his wine cellar in order of awesome.
Wikileaks is ready to release her sketchbooks just because they’re cool.
He only sketches on the front of the napkin.
He built the world’s biggest web site, using only his left hand.
Last season’s American Idol featured her concept maps.
His research finds customers desire to research his behavior.
He is the only person Don Norman agrees with.
She makes her own icons out of straw.
Software bugs specifically ask for her to fix them.
He defined the damn thing, then moved on.
Her study participants screen themselves. Out.
Her interactions are the basis for everyone else’s designs.
Scalpers sell tickets to his project kickoff meetings.
He is already coding in HTML6. And has been for a decade.

They are the most valuable UX person in the world.
“Design well, my friend.”

What would you add to this list? Leave your own ideas of the Most Valuable UX Person In The World in the comments. I’ll be sprinkling your best suggestions through out my presentation, giving you full credit.

Oh, by the way, the early bird price for the Summit ends this Friday, February 18. Sign up here. I’d love to see you there.

16 Responses to “What Makes The Most Valuable UX Person In The World?

  1. Erin Lynn Young Says:

    I’ll see your Norman reference and raise you a Spool. 🙂

    Good stuff.

  2. Mahmoud El-Darwish Says:

    “What Makes The Most Valuable UX Person In The World?”
    She promises that due to her efficiency; you’ll only need to hire her once

  3. Tom Says:

    His designs are so intuitive they already know what you do.

  4. Megan Ellinger Says:

    Her design made Steve Jobs cry.

  5. Bretton MacLean Says:

    His tax form websites double as relaxation aids

    His apps are pre-approved on the App Store

    Steve Jobs answers her emails; mostly with ‘good idea – thanks!’

    His Calls to Action have a 100% click rate.

    Search engines optimize to her content

  6. Craig Sullivan Says:

    One very important one – Measuring the work that you do to improve the UX in real business terms. For example, implementing a new site funnel and measuring conversion, contact volumes across channels and customer satisfaction.

  7. Mohammed Mudassir Azeemi Says:

    The Most Valuable UX Person In The World

    “Some Magicans can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim through land by consulting only through her research”

  8. dave burke Says:

    He displays realistic depictions of complex user interactions with his abs.

    He discovered 13 new elements between Structure and Skeleton alone.

    His usability tests are a waste of time.

    That polar bear’s hyde is warming his den floor.

    He’s never designed an error screen. Hasn’t come up.

    He understands Microsoft Project.

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    […] Full article here. Suggest more. […]

  10. Patrick Says:

    He stopped wearing black turtlenecks 5 years ago.

  11. Makoto UX Says:

    Nielsen buys usability reports from him.

  12. Mark Congiusta Says:

    Her ability to design software so good it actually gets classified as hardware.

    The way his first generation prototypes get released as the final product.

    His whiteboard has been only drawn on once. With the right answer.

  13. KentC Says:

    He’s a designer, not a marketer. But he’s also a marketer.

  14. DanB Says:

    Her paper prototypes draw themselves

    His journey maps inspired Harry Beck

    Her usability test participants recruit themselves

    His project sponsor thinks she designed the site – and his customers think it was designed just for them

  15. 5 Lessons from Beyond the Polar Bear | Redux'd Says:

    […] a skills gap that’s yet to be closed. In his IAS11 talk, Jared Spool asserted that the ‘most valuable UX person in the world‘ is one who can code. The increased efficiency in having a designer implement their own […]

  16. Julie Says:

    Funny someone mentioned Nielsen and Steve Job. Did anyone read the evaluation Nielsen did for iPad? Full article here: http://www.useit.com/alertbox/ipad.html. I read Nielsen’s book for my class. I think it is a bit of outdated. One the other hand, can successful UX be designed by following his rules?

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